SCPL is a sub site of Scinnovation consultants Pvt ltd. We help clients to choose right IP protection that will compliment their business decision.
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SCPL provides US Intellectual Property filing and support till the grant stage

Creators and innovators can protect their artistic work, source code or inventions with various forms of “Intellectual Property”. We at SCPL will help you identify suitable Intellectual Property for you and help you register it with USPTO.

We specialize in Patent Filing, Trademark Filing and Copyright Filing in US (United States of America) and handling office action leading to Patent Registration, Trademark Registration and Copyright Registration in US.

We believe in customer satisfaction, timey delivery and preciseness of our work.

Why US Copyright?

• Eligible in 178 countries • Less documentation • Online filing • Secure Source Code.

Why US Trademark?

• Registered within 6 months • Easy Prosecution • Less Hassle • Less Documentation

Why US Patent?

• Step wise procedures • Technical advice • Consulting on IP management