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Our Team
Rajeev Surana
Cofounder & CEO

Rajeev Surana, the whole and soul of Scinnovation. He is the pillar which stands strong to connect with every aspect of the business. Rajeev’s greatest quality is “Connecting to Humane”. He is meticulous in planning and execution and a highly time conscious person. He exemplifies that “Human values” are values better than “Business Values” and “Cultural Values”. No wonder he is finding Innovation models are close to his heart to improve “Humanity”.

Bipin Shashidaran
At Scinnovation, Bipin handles first level enquiries and screens them before passing on to Lead Consultants for evaluation visits and organises leads through advertising and CRM, customer inquiry or response enquiry captured and filtered and doing analysis of promotion's effectiveness.
Krupali Rane
Lead Consultant-IP Vertical
Krupali manages Scinnovation’s interaction with current and potential future customers and improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth. She regularly participates in IP seminars and conferences where we can demonstrate our cutting edge though leadership in our chosen area of specialization.
Paper Presentation
Leveraging Intellectual Property Rights